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Zerona Laser Weight Loss Treatment on ET Canada | Plastic Surgery Talk
Dr. Stephen Mulholland of SpaMedica Toronto discusses the Zerona laser weight loss treatment on ET Canada.

Laser Lipo: A Working Mom’s Before & After with the Zerona Laser

A working mom gets laser liposuction with the Zerona Laser by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Applebaum.


ZERONA LASER = sem dor, sem corte, sem contra-indicação, sem te tocar e principalmente SEM RISCO DE VIDA : Uma “lipo”. Voce ganha contorno corporal, elimina gordurinhas que não saem nem na Academia.

Inner Thighs Liposuction Surgery by Lipo Surgeon Dr. David Amron

This is a gravitationally prone-liposuction procedure and another very common problem area for women. Unfortunately, this area is also very prone to irregularities if not done properly. The skin of the inner thighs is much thinner and if the surgeon is not careful with the skin in this area, irregularities may result. Problems may arise if the surgeon is overly aggressive and pokes or jabs the skin with the cannula. Also, proper patient positioning is crucial to ensure a natural result. Some patients only need the upper, inner thighs done. But, in others, it is important to contour the whole inner thigh down to the medial knee to obtain a natural, well proportioned result. Treating the inner thigh and inner knee at separate time can result in disproportion at the area where no liposuction was performed. The treatment of the inner thighs and inner knees are often performed at the same time to create an overall slimming effect.Ideally, after inner thigh liposuction there should be no visible evidence of a surgical procedure, no significant lumpiness, or irregularity of shape.

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Phoenix Liposuction Results: Inner Thighs

View these dramatic results – compare the before and after pictures. Liposuction is fast, easy and affordable. For more liposuction videos and questions visit

Thighs Liposuction, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Full Thigh; Before and After, MyShape Lipo

Call Today!! 702-818-5476 www.MyShape is a specialty liposuction clinic that focuses on liposuction and fat transfer. Liposuction of the thighs is a very popular procedure at MyShape Lipo Issues that this will help to resolve include thighs rubbing, pants not fitting well and getting rid of the saddle bags. The areas that we treat in the thighs include inner thigh, outer thigh, knees, and full thighs. If you are interested in thighs liposuction and would like a complimentary Body Shape Analysis, please contact our office at 702-818-5476.

Zerona Fat Burning Laser Treatment – Zerona on Rachael Ray

The Zerona Laser featured on the Rachael Ray Show! 9/25/2009

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Liposuction to knees and inner thighs

Cosmetic plastic surgery video by TheVideoPlasticSurgeon, Dr Michael J Brown. This liposuction video explains and graphically shows how liposuction is skillfully performed.

Zerona Laser Treatments

AMA is excited and proud to offer the first FDA-approved, non-invasive body contouring procedure that effectively removes undesirable excess fat. This revolutionary method provides results with absolutely NO discomfort, surgical risks, or downtime, applied while you are comfortably relaxing. The results are simply extraordinary. You will be lighter, thinner, detoxified and much healthier.